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By Becky Brandborg

In the beautiful tropical jungle, between Akumal and Xel-ha you will find the Aktun-Chen caves. In Maya language this means: "The cave with the cenote inside". Cenotes are water-filled sink holes found throughout the Yucatan. They are quite often, very clear and very very beautiful.

An easy walk through the caves will show you fantastic formations of overhead stalagtites and floor-sculptured stalagmites. These beautiful drip-water calcium and carbonate formations began accumulating some five million years ago.

Located just a few miles from Soliman Bay and 64 miles south of Cancun, this cave system is the only known, above-water-level grotto ever discovered in the eastern Yucatan peninsula.

The caves are open daily and the trip through them takes only an hour or so. Spanish and English speaking guides are available and all exploration groups are divided by choice of language.

When you complete your journey through the caves you will come into a lovely garden with exotic birds and animals, not to mention snakes.(In cages of course.)

Refreshments are also available.

This local attraction, easily accessible from Soliman Bay can be combined with visits to Akumal and Xel-ha.


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