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By Becky Brandborg

Mexican Cuisine Tulum Beach Mexico the YucatanDining out in Akumal and Tulum is always a pleasant adventure. Reservations are not required, and the dress is casual. Throw on sandals and a sarong and you are ready to dine.

In Mexico it is common to dine late, 8:00 - 10:00 pm. However if it is a slow night or off season you may not want to arrive after 9:00 pm.

The service in Mexico is generally excellent. Keep in mind that customs vary. Here for example you must ask for your ticket when you are ready to leave. It is considered very bad taste to bring you the check without your specifically asking for it.

Mayan coffee at Anna y Jose Tulum Beach Mexico the  YucatanDepending on the restaurant you may see a tip of 10% included on the check. If not 10%, then 20% is also considered appropriate.

Each of the local restaurants has their own "signature" fare.

Ana Y Jose Restaurant Tulum Mexico Messico the YucatanIf you choose Anna y Jose for an evening meal ask when you arrive for the Mayan coffee. This takes three people to make, so sometimes they need to find the second and third wait person. It is an elegant show and delicious desert.

Zamas Restaurant Tulum Mexico Messico the Yucatan A
nother option you might not think to try is pizza at Zamas. This is a flat bread pizza baked in a massive wood fired stone hearth. The pizzas are topped with a wide variety of options and delicately seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Zamas is in Tulum and is an excellent place to dine.


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