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Yucatan Peninsula Travel and Vacation Guide

Please print out this information for use during your vacation on the Mayan Riviera.

Travel Advisory
Effective January1, 2007 passports are required to enter Mexico.

Common Titles for the Yucatan's Eastern Coast -
Maya Riviera, Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, Maya Caribbean Coast, Mexican Caribbean,
Messico Caraibico,
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Entrance into Mexico:

You must present a passport or birth certificate with the raised county seal (no photo copies) and a photo ID. to the airline during check in to be admitted into Mexico.

Single parents traveling with minor children need a notarized letter giving permission to leave the country from the other parent.

Arrival in Mexico:

You will first present your papers at Immigration, then pick up your luggage. You will then proceed to the customs check point which is the "Stop and Go". You press the button and if the light turns green you walk right through, if it is red you will be asked to step aside and your bags may be inspected.

What to Pack:

Bathing Suits, Sunglasses, Suntan Lotion, Sun Hat and a Lightweight Windbreaker, Sweater or Shawl. Bring your Diver Certification if you have it. Also bring your own SCUBA or SNORKELING gear if you have it. If not you can rent it in Akumal. Bring one pair of comfortable rubber soled shoes for climbing Mayan pyramids, walking and tennis. Camera & Film, A small Flashlight and one Beach Towel Shorts and lightweight shirts, one lightweight pair of long pants, socks and insect repellent for jungle treks.

Ladies: one or two casual sun dresses or skirts if you like to dress up for dinner. (you can buy colorful ethnic clothing at the boutiques in the area) After you finish packing ... unpack half of what you packed and leave it behind. You'll be happy you did and will not miss it!

Gas Stations - Pemex locations:

Gas stations are located few and far between. When you are near one fill your tank. Locations en route are - Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum.

Currency - Money Tips:

It is best to exchange your money into pesos upon arrival at your final destination. In Akumal you will find a money exchange in the TSA Travel office behind The Original Akumal Dive Shop. You must have i. d. if you would like to cash your travelers checks.

Heading south your next available money exchange will be in Tulum. There are several exchange windows in the pueblo after you pass the ruins. You may get a more favorable rate than in Akumal. Money exchanges are available also in Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen. Akumal and the other areas mentioned do not accept credit cards. It is best to bring sufficient cash/travelers checks and not be dependant on credit cards.

Note: In Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras you will find your cards accepted almost everywhere, but once you head south cash is necessary.

How much to bring? $500.00 in cash per person for travel expenses should be plenty unless you expect to do a large amount of shopping. Only a few of the Restaurants in Akumal accept credit cards so that can be a consideration when planning your travel budget. Restaurants in Puerto Aventuras do accept credit cards.

Water in Mexico?

Is the water safe? Many people are concerned about the drinking water situation in the Yucatan. Bottled water is readily available. All hotels and rental establishments will provide purified drinking water. All restaurants in the area at the major resorts wash their produce, etc. in purified water. All ice is also made with purified water.

Beach Health Tips:

The sun can be very intense in Mexico. It is best that you use sunscreen before you even venture into the sun. A bad burn can ruin a vacation. A hat and sunglasses are also a must for the seasoned sun bather. Sunscreen is a wonderful thing, it protects our bodies but it is not allowed if you plan on entering a cenote, caleta or lagoon. Sunscreen is prohibited in Yal-Ku lagoon in Akumal. Wear a t-shirt instead!

Bad Stomach:

If you do become ill with Montezuma's Revenge the very best remedy is the following recipe. It works every time. Squeeze the juice of two (2) fresh limes into a glass, add a good size pinch of salt and down like a shot. Symptoms will ease in about an hour, if it has not stopped in 2 hours repeat the treatment, you will feel much better by the next day. Lime will kill bacteria and microbes in your system. It is also served with most meals, use liberally.

Driving Precautions:

Driving highway 307 can be a interesting experience. Please stay within the speed limit as marked and drive carefully.

Important Note:  If you see a car ahead of you with its left blinker on that is decreasing speed, this can mean either please feel free to pass, or I am making a left turn-
So Please Pay Attention
. To be on the safe side - When making a left hand turn - put on your blinker and pull over to the the right - wait for all traffic to pass and then turn left.

Since the highway is now complete to Tulum it is not as dangerous at night, one should still pay special attention at dusk as animals do move through the jungle and cross the road at that time.

Grocery Stores: There is a large super market in Playa Del Carmen called the San Francisco market. Akumal has two small groceries, the Super Chomak and a local Mayan store across the street at the entrance to the Akumal Arch. There is also a fresh produce market that sets up here on Saturday and Wednesday.

In Tulum you will find some small local stores and large beer stores. If you are economy minded you may visit the Superior beer store in Tulum, you can buy cases of beer and sodas in bottles. A bottle deposit is required so it is best to return your empties.

Note: Cancun has a conveniently located Cosco.

Public Transportation:

Most tourists who are exploring the Mayan Riviera drive rental cars. If you choose not to rent a car you will find many taxis at the airport who will be happy to take you to your destination.

You may also utilize the public bus system. These buses run up and down the tourist corridor of the Yucatan peninsula on a regular basis. They are very inexpensive. If transportation to Akumal is required you may arrange to be picked up by TSA at the airport in advance.

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