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By Maire B Estar

View  from beach spiaggia of Soliman Bay Baia Mexico Messico the YucatanNo matter what age, or whether one is a novice or an expert, the pristine waters of Soliman Bay offer fabulous snorkeling opportunities for our guests. Protected from the surging seas of the Caribbean by the second largest coral reef in the world, Soliman Bay is dotted with its own colorful coral formations that are home to a wide variety of fish and marine life. The calm and relatively shallow water in the bay make viewing easy and spectacular! The brightly hued fish are not the only thing that attract the eye. The vivid colors of the coral, with its unique configurations, give one the sense of looking into a sacred world that has been undisturbed since the beginning of time.

Sightings of starfish, sea turtles and manta rays are not uncommon. One alert party got to watch a manta ray lay her eggs in the nutrient rich sea grass that is just inside the water line of the bay. This grass is an important part of the ecosystem of the bay as fish, rays, conches and other sea life use it as a feeding ground and a place of protection while away from the safety of the coral clusters. This grass isn't a seaweed or anything slimy like one would find in an inland freshwater lake. It is more like prairie grass, a little stiff but deeply rooted into the soil below the surface. Slipping through it is like passing across an underwater meadow. It is a very delightful experience.

Yalku Lagoon just minutes from Soliman Bay Tankah Mexico the YucatanAngel Fish Soliman Bay Mexico the Yucatan PeninsulaAnother great place for fantastic snorkeling is at Yalku which is about a 15 minute drive north of Soliman Bay. For years the only way to reach Yalku was by boat, but now it can be reached by road off of Highway 307 by turning at the exit marked Akumal Caribe. Yalku is the perfect hideaway being quite large and shaped like a “Y” with horns reaching up into the jungle and the stem pointing out to sea.

The waters of Yalku are very clear and calm, with little or no wave action, giving one great viewing opportunities in depths of water no greater than six feet. Underneath the surface are submerged rock formations which create an ideal habitat for a variety of brightly colored creatures that snorkelers love to see.

Beautiful Parrot Fish in Yalku Lagoon Messico the YucatanStarfish and urchins, damselfish, sergeant majors, hamlets, parrotfish, blue tangs and queen triggerfish are quite abundant in the bay. Not only are the parrotfish quite large and colorful, they can also be heard as they peck away at the coral and rock, churning it into fine white sand. In the area where Yalku enters out into the sea, it is possible to sight large sea turtles as they come in to feed on the grass at the bottom of this sandy part of the bay. A young loggerhead turtle was seen by this author as it grazed, aware of me and my companion as we hovered several feet above, at a distance where we would not disturb its movements.

Yalku is like all other places where diving and snorkeling occur; it is best to stay at least 3 feet away from the coral so it can’t be broken off by hand or an errant fin. Please give the sea creatures enough room so that their feeding and movement patterns are not interrupted. Inadvertently kicking the sand with ones fins smothers the coral and it can suffocate.

Angel Fish Soliman Bay rollover to Kayaking Soliman Bay Tankah Mexico the Yucatan Peninsula Yalku has a $5.00 entrance fee which pays for the removal of litter from the area. There is a restaurant on the road that leads to the cove. You will want to bring snorkel gear, a towel, drinking water and something to eat. Be sure to pack out all that you carry in. Blue Tang in Soliman Bay rollover to Sergeant Majors in Soliman Bay Tankah Mexico the YucatanWear a t-shirt and shorts instead of using sunscreen as it will kill the coral and is hazardous to creatures living in the bay. (Please scroll photos for additional views.)

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