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This Wonderful Place.. is the culmination of my 30-year love affair with the Yucatan.
When I first came to this area it felt like I was coming home. I have endeavored to enhance that feeling and to share it with you through the design of the houses and their furnishings. I am so excited that you have chosen to spend your holiday here.

The ecosystem here is fragile: the jungle, mangroves, and the bay itself all need our protection. Some of the household amenities used are uniquely designed to accommodate this fragile environment. Here are some of these slight differences. All of us on Soliman Bay ask that you follow a “leave only foot prints, take only memories” philosophy on your journey through this magical land.

The House - The Caretaker - The Bay

Here is some information about Luis, the house, the bay and the area in general.

Enjoy . . .

Luis: Luis is here for your basic needs i.e., make the beds, do the dishes, clean and sweep daily. He also takes out the trash and fills the empty water bottles. At night, he lights a special incense called Copal, which has been used by the Mayans and the Aztecs for over 2000 years. Luis also is the night watchman and lives in the palapa roofed house in the back. If you need anything, just ask Luis. Tipping is not required, but is GREATLY APPRECIATED. His day off is Saturday, at noon, until Monday morning. He usually goes back to his Pueblo on those days.

Luis speaks a little English: We have provided an English/Spanish Dictionary to help with your communication if necessary. He is very patient with those of us who speak no Spanish!

Electric: We have utility power at Tropical Evergreens so electricity is not a problem. It is conventional 110/120 electric power. If the power grid is down for any amount of time we also have a backup generator, just ask Luis if this happens. Please remember to turn out lights & fans each time you leave.

Water: There is a 22,000 liter cistern of treated water under the kitchen. This is for showers, washing hair, brushing teeth, and dishes. Treated means no salt. The water is not potable for consumption. DO NOT DRINK. Cooking and drinking water comes from the purified water we have provided in the plastic bottles.

Sinks & Toilets: The septic system is a “gray water – wetland system” (showers and sinks feed the plants) PLEASE DO NOT PUT COFFEE GRINDS OR FOOD DOWN THE SINK. Put all solids in the trash can under the sink. The toilets will not accept anything but organic matter and toilet paper. PUT ONLY TOILET PAPER in the toilets. Use the wastebaskets in the bathrooms for any other items.

Windows: When it rains here it comes down hard and fast! The house can get wet. If you leave for any length of time please close the windows, especially by the beds and couches. You can adjust the opening of the windows by putting a coin or stone under the louvers.

Linens: Beds are changed bi-weekly. Please remember to remove any suntan oils before using the beds and sitting on couches. We leave you plenty of towels, there is a basket under the bathroom sink for the used ones. Please try to conserve as much as possible. We provide beach towels for each guest for use on the beach here. Please do not take our towels home. If you need additional towels or sheets, let Luis know.

TV/VCR: Out of consideration for the neighbors, Please no VCR Stereo SOUND after 9:00 pm. We have provided headsets for you if you want to watch a movie or listen to music after that hour. Please handle them with care, and remind your children the headsets are not toys.

Reading Lights: Individual reading lights are available and can be checked out. for the duration of your stay. Just ask Luis.

Flashlights: Take one of the flashlights provided in the house when you leave during the day in case you return late at night. Please remember to leave it on the table when you check out.

Security: We have not had any problems at Soliman Bay, but be “aware.” Do not leave money or passports, etc. lying around, it’s best to lock valuables in your suitcase. At night, lock your doors. There is a small safe in the master bedroom of the Casa Grande for your valuables. Remember to always lock your car.

Security Deposit: When you arrive Luis will leave a copy of our security deposit agreement on the table. Please fill it out and sign it. We hope you understand this is just one of those necessary “legal” things.

Food: There is a food brush and disinfectant (Microdyne) above the sink -– use the bottled water and follow the directions. We recommend using it for all fruits and vegetables that you eat the skin, i.e., tomatoes, apples.

Cook: Tropical Evergreens is in the process of finding someone who can come in and cook an evening meal for you from time to time during your stay. Please ask Rosa, the property manager, or Luis if this is available to you at this time, what the menu might be and the cost, etc.

Groceries: In Tulum next to the “Don Cafeto” Restaurant is Tulum’s newest “supermarket” called “Mar Caribe.” The fruits and vegetables are fresh daily. Another great fruit and vegetable stand is directly across the street, the sign says “POOL.” Fresh meat, chicken and fish is also available in Tulum.

South from the market, about 3 blocks down is the “tortilla factory” and bakery at both ends of a yellow building. The tortillas are made there and are still warm when you buy them. Just tell her how many inches high you want your order to be! In Tulum there is new “Stop & Go” convenience store at the intersection of the road to Coba and the Boca Paila Road (a blinking traffic light is there). Turn right on the Coba road, the store is on the left. They have a good selection of bread, meats and eggs. They take Visa cards.

Akumal has a “Super Chomak” at the entrance to the village area on the right side of the road. There is a also a great bakery in Akumal, take the left fork in the road after the entrance to the village, it is about 1/2 block on the left. Parking is on the right of the road close to the Akumal Dive Shop.

In Playa del Carmen the “San Francisco Market” is as close to a real supermarket as you will get unless you go to Cancun. They have a good selection of Mexican and American groceries. The first stoplight in Playa del Carmen is Ave. Juarez; the second is Ave. Constituyentes. Turn right at this light and follow the road to the traffic circle (glorieta); take a right, the grocery store is one block away on your left. The store is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

And of course, if you go back to Cancun for anything or before you leave the airport area, there is Costco! (No kidding!) As you leave the airport area, go straight (toward the Zona Hoteliera); go over the overpass, take the first right to Cancun City. You will make a half circle and then be heading north. Go about 4 miles (6 km) to the 3rd traffic light; turn left (Kabah St.) and just keep going straight and you will run right into Costco. Coming out of Costco, just go back the same way and get back on Hwy 307 to Cozumel/Tulum. Costco is open from 7 am to 10 pm. Your U.S. Costco card is good there.

Reef: Please do not stand on or touch the coral. Please do not take Conch or any other living thing from the bay. “Look but do not touch”! No fishing in the bay- fishing outside the reef only.

Kayaks & Rafts: are provided for your enjoyment. When you are finished with the kayak, please put the paddles on the porch and drag the kayak close to the palapa on the beach. There are inflatable rafts available. Ask Luis to inflate them for you. When you are finished, please put the rafts securely on the porch or take them into the house so they won’t blow away.

Beach Fires: It is not recommended you build fires on the beaches. Winds can be variable and most of the homes here have grass roofs!

Soldiers & Beach Dogs: At times you will see soldiers on the beach, this is normal, they patrol the bay often, as do some of our “bay pets.” Pecas (a brown & white lover who belongs to Andy); and several young spaniel pups who live down the beach, will occasionally wander through.

Lizards, Insects, Crabs: The lizards and geckos live here!

PLEASE DO NOT HARM THEM! They are fun to watch, do not bite, and eat the mosquitoes. They help balance the system! The geckos make a “chirping” sound and it is said they are good luck if they are in etc. your house. Most of the mosquitoes come out at dusk for 2 hours, if you keep yours doors closed at this time, the house will not fill up with them.
Please be careful walking on the paths at night and watch for the hermit crabs. Use your flashlight after dark. Any “strange looking creatures” can be removed by Luis. (Any strange looking “people” -- tell Luis also!)


Medical – Both Doctors speak English

Dr. Arturo Ventre   Located next to the Farmacia Salud in Tulum
Hours: 8 am– 2 pm & 6 pm – 10 pm
Phone: 987- 120-52
Emergency Phone: 987-120-54

Dr. Nestor Mendoza
Cellular: 044-987-43915
Phone: 987-60710
Office: 987-30764
Home: 987-31142
Beeper: 01-987-45-56
Clave 6095

Hospital: The nearest hospital where English is spoken is "Hospital America" in Cancun. It is located on Calle Viento #15, phone number is (019)884-6183.

Tulum has police and medical!

Akumal has police and medical!   Any major Surgery I would consider Miami.


Odds & Ends:
We have gasoline for an emergency. If you need gas, see Luis.
And, please refill what you use!  There is a gas station in Tulum.

Departure: When you are ready-to-leave please sign the guest book and leave us with your thoughts, and an address, Fax, or Email, and leave the key, on the kitchen table.

If you trip was enjoyable - Please tell your booking agent. This helps us a lot and if you have any suggestions, let us know!

That's about it! Enjoy your stay and remember, this is a "beach house" and was designed for you to have " Fun ". All we ask, is that you respect our home, and the environment.


Communications in Tulum: There are a number of “net-cafes” in the pueblo of Tulum. There you can send and receive faxes, connect to the internet, check your email, and make phone calls. But remember, you are on vacation.

Laundry: There is a laundry in Tulum and one in Akumal. They provide one day service if you ask. There is no dry cleaning.

Restaurants, shopping and sight-seeing:  See Area Attractions in this site.

CLOSING THOUGHTS . . . Please sign the Security Deposit Agreement when you arrive. Luis will return it the morning you are preparing to leave.

We love to share photos of our guests having a good time. Please send us yours so we can add them to our “Photo Album” on the website. (vacation@tropicalevergreens.com)

Once again, when you are ready-to leave please sign the guest book and leave us with your thoughts, and an address, Fax, or Email. If Luis is not available right then, leave the key on the kitchen table.

If your trip was enjoyable, please tell your booking agent. This helps us a lot and if you have any suggestions, let us know!

We ask that you respect these homes and the environment.

That’s about it! Enjoy your stay and remember; Tropical Evergreens is a vacation paradise . . . it was designed for you to enjoy and have fun!

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