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Cancun to Soliman Bay/Tankah  61 Miles South
Please print out this information and take with you.


Departing: Cancun Airport
Take newly completed Highway 307 southbound.

1. Exiting the airport - follow the signs indicating south to Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Chetumal.
Note: Veer right, slow down, checkpoint ahead.

2. Just before Playa del Carmen there will be "topes" or speed bumps slowing traffic at the upcoming lights.

3. Approaching the Playa del Carmen overpass stay in the middle and you will pass right over Playa.

4. Pass Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Xel-Ha.
Watch for Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park.
(You are now only 7km before your required Retorno or U-turn back to Soliman Bay's entrance marked by the large red dot on the map.)

Note: DO NOT TAKE the first Retorno. That will take you back to Xel-Ha.

Follow these signs to the correct Retorno (u-turn).
100 km speed limit sign.
KM 242 marker.
Sign "Tulum 11" (green).
Highway Intersection Sign (yellow)
Big double green sign above highway: Retorno 1km / Chetumal.
80 km speed limit sign.
Retorno- Carril Izquierdo (left lane)(green) above highway.

5. PUT ON YOUR LEFT BLINKER AND MOVE TO THE FAR LEFT. You will see the highway widen to allow for the left hand turn lane.
Note: 60 km sign "U turn sign w/ Alto sign" (this is the u-turn to go north back to the beach road). It is a bit hard to seen at night with cars approaching.

6. After your U-turn northbound stay to the right and slow down. Note: White Sign "Respete los limites de velocidad"

7. At Km Marker 241 slow down and move to the far right with your blinker on. The turn is coming up. Note: Yellow Intersection sign- Saraha Cafe and Jashita Hotel. You will see Oscar y Lalo's restaurant across the highway. (There is a blue light atop the restaurant.) You are now approaching the beach entrance road to your right.

8.TURN RIGHT ON THE BEACH ROAD. (It can be difficult to see at night with cars approaching.)

9. When you get to the T down the beach road, turn right, go slowly, the security station is just after your right turn.

Final notes: On the main highway you have gone to far if... you see the green highway sign that says "Tankah Tres" Proceed to the next Retorno, make a U-turn and follow the directions above from KM 241 Marker. When initially traveling southbound if you arrive in Tulum you have really gone to far. Turn about and travel back northbound to the beach road to Soliman Bay.